The time has come in this modern day business world   were one’s best effort is no more enough

To grip success. Competition is no more defined on the basis of how many businesses fall in terrain

But rather how faster businesses move. The overwhelming pace the actuarial dynamism, the calculated instincts and the unimaginable technical drives, now steers the affaires strategic planning and implementation.

It then lies on all business people who quest for success and to fix and automobile not to register as a partaker of a group but to run in search for a spot as air can carry. To build business like no other, through strategic intelligence appealing, ready to sell mirage. The improvement in technology and its general acceptance have brought drivers target people under one umbrella and continue in bringing in more. All that is require now is for David to cast that one important stone amongst the lot in his possession. Every decision counts and every strategy matters, order to take a marketing lead. With one stone you are require to seize the greatest share in the market.

The importance of brand awareness thorough promotional means and adverts cannot be underrated. This serves as the right peddle organizations need to speed up the competitive race and stand the chance to lead the lot. It is the only means by which efforts are known and appreciated through high level of sales and recommendations. Simply put, adverts in today’s world control the strategic marketing core of every origination as well as detecting the general level of technical transformation it therefore, dawn on businesses with a much higher need to succeed, seek for the best solutions to seize attention, spark curiosity build passion and provide a plat form capable of obtaining commitment from potential clients from the products. A poor or organized advertising strategy is like whispering into the ears of another person in a wood cutting factory which has a zero effect on a business’s progress and profitability.

About us   

Whizzy multimedia limited trading as WISE TV is a fully registered new TV station in Ghana which is operating office at Gbawe in greater Accra region. We are set to begin operation from April 2018 for which our stupendous program line ups is promised to keep our cherished viewers glued in amazement, as we serve them with programes they could only wish for some time back

We understand the market     

We stay abreast of the latest developments digitally to see what’s relevant to your business. In this digital space Ghana is truly unique market. As media house burn, bred and staffed by experts, we believed we understand the market better than anyone else.

An Ideal Box for Digital Age

It is not just the platform but the contents we bring to the platform. What distinguishes  our work is the strategic insight, creativity and the passion we exhibit towards every task. We are not just a media house but company of ideas that operates on the media platform. It is important for every evert to achieve what is was set to achieve no advert must be plan by just anyone it must have the subject expertise, the creative will technological ability, the psychological creativity, the marketing dynamism, and of course a work board and passionate innovator to be able to put up a successful job. This is where we at WIZZY MULTIMEDIA LIMITED (WISE TV) find our rhythm.


Our Vision

We are committed to a future, providing positive image by sharing with each other our possibilities soar, encouraged to participate and empowered to initiate.

Our Prowess


In the world of business, communication is a strong bon than connects brand and consumer, we understand your brand needs and its consumer, we specialize in developing and progressing a relationship between them through advertising.


We live in digital world which has opened a forum of new possibilities of communication. We access and develop your presence on our web and mobile sites to ensure it is being used to its to potential.


From initial conceptualization of a new brand, strategy even to the rebranding an organization, we have the expertise who understand the fundamental elements that shape and impact a brand on our platform.


Our marketing and sales team are ever ready to develop and support regular custom designed periodicals and news letters to connect you to your audience on your platform.


Multi TV is by far the most popular and intriguing Digi-set in Ghana now and beyond. Unlike the rest it covers every geographical setting in Ghana and beyond the borders of Ghana. It shares in our medium term goal to give to Ghanaian a taste of real entertainment and up to date world happenings. And for this reason, we at wise TV see it as a great star to be on a platform that has 98% viewers in Ghana.


We will currently be operating on MULTI TV digital which covers over five million viewers and we will soon go on the free air (T2) platform and other platforms as well. We operate on SES ASTRA SATELITE which covers Africa Europe and Asia. Our team young energetic but highly experienced industry players places WIZZY MULTIMEDIA in a comfortable lead amongst older media houses that will have no other choice than a adhere to the standard whiles we at WISE TV become the standard. Our technical knowledge and our level of professionalism in the industry give us the confidence that a new dawn has arrived to change and dictate the place in journalism, sports, entertainment and more.


Our organization is glad to assist o5threr businesses to reach desirable heights in their operations to serve a targeted group of people through innovative products, services, events and more. We currently offer the lowest airtime rate in Ghana. Our programe line ups promises all organization that to business with us, the maximum views needed to promote a brand, product or service, events and many other. We provide the best services that yield results through our professionalism and attention to detail in structuring our adverts to fit exactly what our clients intend [to convey to their set audience and viewers. At wise TV, 99% success is failure we will keep rolling our sleeves until we attain the ultimate. Client satisfaction is key and that is what we term as remuneration. Feel free and walk into our office and let’s serve you with success smiles on our faces because we know we are about.

Our Mission

The mission of wise TV is to actively be of service to others as an inspiration model of living and working together to create social change and community amongst our salves and with the people of Ghana, Africa and beyond.


Our knowledge, experience, and professionalism in this industry gives us the confidence that a new dawn has just arrive to change and dictate the pace in business , sports politics entertainment , news around the world and more. Wise TV seek to reach the entire Ghanaian community and other countries through satellite and online irrespective of their geographical location. Our main target are those who consume advertised product a lot.


Our stupendous programs line ups are promised to keep our cherished viewers glued amaze.


Morning is the start of long hour’s day journey and how we start this journey matters to our life, business, and all around us, so wise TV has tailored this programe inbuilt with news update, business, health, fashion, and many more to make your daily routine a lively and profitable one.


Agribox is reality show to educate, empower and to help the farmer to have knowledge on good agronomic practices through a television show. WISE TEAM visit the farms across the country, talk to the farmers with the aim to build the capacity of these farmers and the and the youths to appreciate the agriculture business, live pitching for start-ups, cost your inputs, and look at your field. Make viewers entertained as well as informed.


A talk show that focuses on trendy issues during the week , ranging from politics, entertainment ,religion, education, business and social news in an interactive manner. The aim is to affect society positively.


Our energetic and vibrant team are set to feed you with accurate and factual news. Accuracy and consistency are your hallmark and so NEWS LIGHT TEAM is ever ready to serve the latest on social issues, business, agriculture, sports, entertainment and what have you. Ensure to make news light your source of accurate news.


A gospel talk show that unravels the genesis to revelation of Christendom in an interaction manner with seasoned men and woman of god that you can think of as the panellists. The aim is to make impact on Christianity.


A talk show that tackles topical issues across the sports world, stir development in the Ghanaian sports front, promote female sports, inform, educate and entertain. TEAM WISE is on their feed you with sports as it happens