The Institute for Education Studies (IFEST) has urged government to be resolute in the implementation of the double track system of education.

In a press statement, IFEST who has been in the frontline of public advocacy of the double track system since its introduction stated that, “it is convinced that, given the current situation, the best option is to embark on the double track system. It is therefore refreshing however that the double track system is going to be temporary, which means that efforts are being made to improve the level of infrastructure for our secondary school education.”

IFEST is nonetheless against the adoption of the permanent semester system by the Ministry of Education. According to IFEST, this decision by the Ministry should not be allowed to stand “our position is that both the double track system and the semester system are stop-in-gap measures to address the current infrastructural challenges thus, hence should all be temporal”

It has also called on the Ministry of Education to reconsider that decision and assure Ghanaians that both systems are all temporary and that the system will revert to its original statues in the not too distant future.

“We urge government to speed up the infrastructural development in our secondary schools to be able to accommodation the increasing number of students accessing secondary education” .



Source:Naayirima Dery/