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New Korle-Bu CEO to be appointed this week – Dr Okoe-Boye

The new Board Chairman of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), Dr Bernard Okoe-Boye has assured that the hospital will get a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) this week.

Korle-Bu has been without a CEO since the appointment of Dr Felix Anyaa who was relieved of his duties by President Akufo-Addo on June 6, 2018.

Dr Anyaa worked in an acting capacity as CEO for less than a year before vacating the post.

According to Dr Okoe-Boye who was appointed as CEO on June 12, interviews have already been conducted with several propsective CEOs ahead of the announcement this week.

“From the intelligence I have, I think maybe by the end of today or before the end of the week. Processes have gone on for some time, interviews have gone through and all that and there are people who based on their performances their background and all that,” Dr Okoe-Boye said in an interview on Joy FM.

“…Korle-Bu is the yardstick or it’s barometer for telling what is happening in the health system. The President is so concerned with the process to make sure that we get somebody who is so efficient and has the background to help justify the confidence that we have and more importantly has very good human relations in terms of working with a Board or a team and from what I hear, I think we are going to get a very good Chief Executive”.

Dr Okoe-Boye appointed Board Chairman of Korle-Bu

Combatting ‘no-bed’ syndrome

Dr Okoe-Boye said as part of measures to ensure that there were beds to receive patients at the KBTH, he would institute a 24-hour surveillance programme for patients on admission at the referral hospital.

This he explained will free-up beds in the facility for incoming patients to be catered for.

“It must be supreme, we must have somebody around the clock, people who are checking and making sure that immediately your critical situation gets better and you are fit for the wards, you are pushed out. It’s like a conveyor belt… The other thing too is that on the wards, there are people who have to leave the wards, sometimes they don’t have money, they are owing bad debt, lying on the ward, discharged is on their folder but they cant go home because they have not paid. So, sometimes we have to look at evacuation, what mechanism do we have to pay bad debt so that people can make the beds free for emergencies to move,” he stated.







Former President, Jerry John Rawlings said Ghana will face more challenges of worsening poverty if measures are not put in place to control the rate of childbirth among citizens.

According to him, giving birth to more children with no proper care and provision for their future to be meaningful is a burden and will put pressure on the state’s resources and infrastructure that are limited. He said people are producing babies who instead of becoming assets to the country are “becoming liabilities…which leads to trouble.” due to lack of family planning.

“Part of our poverty, apart from all that has been said, family planning which we don’t want to adopt is also contributing to our impoverishment. He said.

The current population of Ghana is 29,460,292 as of Tuesday, July 3, 2018, based on the latest United Nations estimates. Ghana population is equivalent to 0.39% of the total world population. Ghana ranks number 49 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population.

Ghana’s population has grown by more than 23 million people when the population was estimated at less than six million at independence in 1957.



Source:Marian Baaba Mensah/wisetvonline.com

NGO celebrates Sickle Cell Day

About 15,000 babies are born annually with sickle cell disease in the country.

Out of the number, 50 to 80% die before attaining age five, a situation if not properly checked could deprive the nation of her future national assets.

Mr Kofi Tenkorang, Chief Executive Officer of Africa Sickle Cell Watch, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) disclosed this at this year’s Sickle Cell Day celebration at Kwabenya in Accra on Saturday.

The Day set aside by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is celebrated on June 19 to create awareness on the dangers of the disease.

He said this happened because carriers of the sickle cell genes were ignorant about the disease and only found out when their children were diagnosed with the disease.

The Chief Executive Officer said sickle cell was the most commonly inherited blood disease in the world and affected people living in countries surrounding the Meditteranean Sea.

He said parents who were both ‘AS’ could give birth to children who had normal blood ‘AA’, ‘AS’ or ‘SS’, adding that there were four other types of the disease but ‘SS’ was the most common type in the country.

Mr Tenkorang said people who carried a genetic trait often carried abnormal gene and a normal version of the same gene, one from each parent and in many conditions ‘you need a double dose of the genes from both parents before a disease can manifest’.

He said a different protein called haemoglobin was made in the red cells of the people with the disease, adding that they made a slightly different form of the protein that carried oxygen in the body which is called the sickle haemoglobin.

Mr Tenkorang said when the sickle haemoglobin was not carrying the oxygen it behaved differently and forced the red blood cells to ‘squeeze’ through small blood vessels to become stiff and very sticky and could block the flow of blood in the body.

‘When the highly fatal disease is diagnosed early parents can be advised on how to take care of their children to be able to survive’, He added.

The occasion was used to donate blood to stock the Ridge Hospital Blood Bank.




Source: GNA

Blame the Health Minister for the Old Man’s Death—-Allotey Jacobs

The Central Regional chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Allotey Jacobs, has blamed the Health Minister for being responsible for the passing away of Mr. Anthony Opoku Acheamopong, a seventy (70) year old man who lost his life yesterday while he was in the company of his wife and son seeking for healthcare in Accra.

According to Mr. Allotey, the Health Minister should as part of his responsibilities  visited all the institutions responsible for health care delivery to ascertain their challenges regularly  and bring out reasonable solutions to addressing the  crisis instead of sitting down in the office and doing little or no supervision at all.

He revealed this on the Adom FM’S morning show.

He ascribed the late Mr. Acheampon as the messiah who sacrificed his life to correct challenges confronting the health sector in the country and said his death will help prolong the lives of many Ghanaians who face same or similar situations in the various hospitals across Ghana.

“He is the messiah who has laid down his life to help resolve this challenge once and for all” he added.

Chairman Allotey Jacobs has suggested to government to build and maintain ambulance services at accident prone areas in the country to help give immediate medical attention to accident victims. Mentioning the Winneba Cape- Coast road as specific.

Mr. Acheampong lost his life at the LEKMA hospital yesterday at around 2: 00 am after he was denied admission by six other hospitals in Accra with the apparent reason that they had no beds to admit him.




Source:Yaa Amoakowaa Yeboah/wisetvonline.com


Hospital negligence is a type of medical malpractice that involves improper conduct on the part of the hospital administration or hospital employees, including nurses and attendant staff. Injuries resulting from hospital negligence can be catastrophic and even deadly. They are also disturbingly common in Ghana today and are causing a number of needless deaths.

Patients must be able to count on hospitals to provide a standard of care and safety, yet this is not always the reality. Hospital negligence can take many possible forms, commonly resulting from  Under-trained staff, Insufficient staffing which often leads to tiredness and frustration among the health professionals, unsafe facilities and facilities in bad condition, lost medical records which is rampant in our health care facilities, wrong test results and improper communication with patients among other reasons.

Hospital negligence can result in a number of unfortunate and often preventable damages, including falls, preventable birth injuries, misdiagnosis of a condition, or serious infections. Injuries sustained from medical negligence in a hospital setting can be permanent, negatively impacting the victim’s life or necessitating lifelong medical care but how many people in Ghana can survive if they have to seek medical care all their life due to an act of negligence on the part of one medical professional.

The level of care patients receive in our hospitals is not encouraging. Negligence of health care professionals have caused a number of needless deaths in Ghana recently. We hear of patients dying because proper care was not given them at hospitals. Some die out of surgeries that were not conducted well. Patients go through stress and pain because health professionals on duty were too busy to hear them out and at times the wrong medicines have to be dispensed. Most recent is when a nurse in the Suhum Governemet Hospital allegedly slapped a pregnant woman in labour for reason that she is making noise.


Until recently, not a year passed without a news headline about health workers going on strike or at least threatening to go on strike if the government failed to meet certain working conditions. It is only fair that they receive remuneration equal to the efforts, energy and commitment they put in taking care of the sick. But that is not the case; the clinician’s salary and conditions of service are not motivating enough for them to also give out their heart in taking care of patients.


Now, the no-bed syndrome has set in where the sick and dying has to be sent from one clinic or hospital to the other because all beds have been occupied or probably no doctor to even diagnose the sick.

This has been the worry of the ordinary Ghanaian who is pleading with authorities to help in curbing this needless cause of death.



Source:Marian Baaba Mensah/wisetvonline.com

Kumawood Actor, Frank Naro Shows Love to Korle -Bu Children’s Department

To show his love and affection towards children, a fast rising movie actor and musician Frank Nero and his management have made a donation to Children Department of the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital.

The donation by the actor/musician, named Frank Osei, known in the Show biz industry as Frank Nero was worth six thousand (6,000) Ghana cedis included items such beverages, toiletries, detergents, sack of sugar and other valuable items to the children department.

Speaking to the press after the donation, the actor noted that, children are the future leaders of this nation; hence the need to support them in order to become meaningful citizens which the good book, bible entreats us to be generous in life.

He therefore entreated other corporate bodies and philanthropist to endeavor to extend their hands to the less privileged in the country in order to help put a smile on their faces.

Meanwhile, receiving the items on behalf of the Child Health Department, the Acting Deputy Director Madam Joyce Oppong-Ayisi, expressed her gratitude to Actor for his kind gestures to the hospital and assured him, the hospital would ensure every child benefits from the items donated.

She therefore as ask for more of such donation which she noted comes in to cushion them as they work to ensure every child admitted is well taken care of.




Source: Ishmael Barfi/wisetvonline.com

Herbal Practitioners Urged To Adopt Modern Methods to Preserve Their Trade

In efforts to ensure herbal medicine serves its purpose, a senior medical doctor at Champion Divine Clinic has called for the need and urgency for herbal medicine practitioners to adopt modern methods of preserving herbal medicine as a way of utilizing and maximinising the herbs.

To Dr. Kelvin Abraham Kwarteng, it is important and it is time that, as a country we invest in the research of herbal medicine to aid in the effective and efficient use along with the Orthodox medicine.

This he believes will reduce the abuse of herbal medicine as well as help in the fight of diseases which these herbal medicines can cure when it is well utilized.

Dr. Kelvin Abraham Kwarteng made this appeal when an eighteen-member delegation of student health practitioners from the Indiana State University in the United States of America toured the Champion Divine Clinic as part of their practical lessons.

The students, who were accompanied by Professor Dr. Nyama MaCarthy-Brown, toured the various facilities at the clinic on Thursday May, 31, 2018. The tour was to assist the students appreciate the use of herbal medicine in the treatment of stroke, diabetes, ulcer, hepatitis B without surgery.

Speaking to the media after the tour, Professor MaCarthy-Brown said the trip was to offer her students the opportunity to be familiar with herbal medicine production. She said ‘’most of the students are not familiar with herbal medicine and so we came to learn about how we get herbal medicine, how we diagnose and how we treat patients with herbal medicine”.

The students who had the opportunity to tour the dispensary, outpatient department, laboratory and other departments expressed their gratitude and commended the clinic for its state of art science lab used in the delivery of quality healthcare.

This visit by the students according to Dr. Kelvin Abraham Kwarteng points to to the fact that, herbal medicine has a future hence the need to do more research and practice effective technology methods that will enrich the already rich herbal medicine in Ghana.

Adding that, the students visit speaks volumes, revealing that ‘’the clinic did not invite the students but rather the students wrote to us and requested for a visit and upon arrival, they had the opportunity to witness how herbal drugs are manufactured in Ghana”

According to him, the clinic would continue to play a leading role in promoting herbal medicine to meet the medical needs of the people.




Source: Ishmael Barfi/wisetvonline.com

We tried in vain to shut down Obengfo Hospital – MDC

The Medical and Dental Council has strongly rejected blame by a section of the public for the continuous operation of the Advanced Body Sculpt Centre at the Obenfo Hospital following the mysterious death of the Deputy CEO for the NEIP Stacy Offei Darko at the facility.

The council had on two occasions moved in to halt the operations of the facility on the back of complaints by some patients that they were having complications after surgery.

Dr. Dominic Obeng-Andoh, who has been charged with murder by the police is currently in custody after he was denied bail by an Accra magistrate.

Registrar of the Dental and medical council Eli Atukpui told Starr News the council had done everything within its mandate to ensure the hospital ceased operation.

He expressed concern over the inability of the police to ensure the facility remained closed.

“You would have noted that attempts were made previously to have the institutions closed down and…that institution was really closed down on two occasions.

“Has the Medical and Dental Council taken steps to do whatever that body is set up to do, has the Medical and Dental Council done what exactly is was supposed to have done, the answer is Yes. So if the Medical and Dental Council has played and there is a failure in a particular institution then I don’t think the blame would have to come to the Medical and Dental Council,” Dr. Atikpui said.

The Medical and Dental Council has revealed that Dr. Obeng-Andoh was operating illegally after he failed to renew his license which expired in 2013.

It will be recalled that the Medical and Dental Council closed down Obengfo Hospital in January 2017 with plans to completely evacuate patients who were undergoing treatment at the facility.

The closure on Thursday [January 27] was the second in a legal action against the facility after the council revoked the license of Dr. Obeng-Andoh in 2013 for operating illegally.

This follows complaints by some patients that they were having complications after visiting the plastic surgery section of the hospital, that is, the Advance Body Sculpture Centre.

The Medical and Dental Council subsequently looked into the allegations and came out with the conclusion that the facility’s CEO Dr Dominic Obeng Andoh is not a certified surgeon and is, therefore, practicing illegally.

But Dr Obeng Andoh insisted that he was trained in cosmetic surgery in Florida, the USA for two weeks and was awarded a certificate.

He said his hospital was locked down without a warrant.

But some four months down the lane, operations begun in earnest at the hospital.




Source: Ghana/Starrfmonline.com/103.5FM


Some drug addicts (Cocaine and marijuana) in the Kumasi Metropolis, the Ashanti Regional Capital, have called on government to come to their rescue by taking them to rehabilitation centers where they will receive medical care.

According to them, drugs are damaging their lives and they claim about 10 people have died this week from drug overdose and abuse in Kumasi.

Speaking to Gh-One Tv’s show, the State of Affairs, addicts said they were ever ready to follow the journalist interviewing them to a rehabilitation center.

A supposed police officer and a dispatch rider who is caged up in the drug business due to loss of job, disclosed that he was one time taken to a rehab center somewhere around Ejisu in the Juabeng Municipal Assembly of the Ashanti Region by a Pastor but had to ran back to the group due to the appalling treatment in which inmates were subjected to.

The policeman turned drug addicts alleged that the rehab center only fed them Koko (porridge) without bread  in the morning and had to live with this until it was about 2: 00 in the afternoon where they are served with cassava with grinded pepper with very little or no fish to compliment. He continued to allege that, they were virtually treated like prison inmates where they were locked up heavy metal locks thus he felt so uncomfortable he ran back to the slum.

”A pastor once took me to a rehab center around Ejisu here in the Ashanti Region to help me get transformed  but due to the appalling treatment that was being meted out to  my colleagues and I, we had to ran back here. This is because we were given cassava in place of yam as lunch  with very hot pepper with little or no fish to augment” a food I will never buy to eat out here,” he said.

He further revealed that the group was more than ready to go to the rehab centers provided government and the relevant institutions will seek to improve upon the conditions at the centers to prevent them from being treated inhumanely.

He is also appealing to the government to attach some form of Spiritual aspect in the healing and rehabilitation process, this according to him is because some members of the group have tried severally to stop taking narcotic drugs but have not been successful as they have had family members giving up on them because they have done all they can to help them but to no avail.

The one time police officer/ dispatch rider also called on the youths be careful the kind of company they keep and  pull away from any such groups that will introduce them to any form of substance abuse.




Source:Yaa Amoakoawaa Yeboah/wisetvonline.com

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