• Thursday, June 21, 2018

Body of missing doctor found after husband cried ‘please help me find my wife’

Aya Hayfron is a medical doctor who recently completed her housemanship at Ridge Hospital. She went missing Monday evening.

The body of a missing doctor whose vehicle slipped away in floodwaters Monday has been found, the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) confimed to MyJoyOnline.

Archibald Cobbinah, the Greater Accra regional coordinator for the organization, said local fishermen found Aya Hayfron’s body downstream Kpeshie Lagoon, which swallowed her vehicle trapped on a bridge on Teshie Bush Road. Her body has since been sent to a morgue.

The evening Hayfron went missing began like any other for her and her husband Bernard Kofi Agyei Oppong. After a long day’s work, the married couple were at home tending to their 15-month-old son. But the day ended in catastrophe, leaving a family heartbroken and a community angered by what has become the new normal for Ghana and its weak infrastructure needlessly taking lives.

“The whole incident happened so fast,” Oppong told Joy FM’s Daniel Dadzie on the Super Morning Show Wednesday.

On Monday evening around 7PM, Dr. Hayfron, a medical doctor who recently completed her housemanship at Ridge Hospital, left home and headed to church where she was leading a meeting for her congregation’s choir. Oppong says shortly after she left, he fell asleep, but Monday’s torrential downpour woke him. For her safety, he proceeded to call his wife advising her to spend the night at her parent’s house, which was closer to her church. No answer.

Kpeshie Lagoon lies underneath the bridge where Hayfron’s vehicle slid away.

An hour later, she called informing him she was trapped at a bridge on Teshie Bush Road, not far away from where they live. He rushed out of the house – leaving behind a crying baby – and into flood waters, in the hope he could help her.

“I was parked about 150 meters away and saw her struggling to get out of the car,” Oppong described. “I was running through the water. I chased after the car but I was blocked by a building.”

He says at some point, the waters were above his waist, but determined to save her, he swam to her car, where a group of people were attempting to rescue her.

Moments later, he says her vehicle slowly slid into a lagoon. Helpless, he watched his wife disappear. It was the last time he saw her.






The Zongo chief of Joma, a community in the Ga South Municipal Assembly in the Greater Accra Region, Naaba Musah Nsor, has disclosed that the roads network in the community has recently been taken over by arm robbers as their exit route after their robbery expeditions in neighboring environs.

According to him, the lack of a police station and as well as police personnel’s in the area have accounted for this worrying trend.

Speaking to wisetvonline.com, the chief revealed that, there is a police station s under construction but due to the inadequate funding needed to complete it the project is now a white horse.

Naaba Musah is therefore calling on the government especially the Defence Ministry and the Interior Ministry to help address this problem as soon as possible.

Naaba Nsor made the call after this year’s Eid prayers in his place at Joma.

The Chief revealed that, residents also have to share a small as their only source of water which they share with animals. This is said pose a health threat to inhabitants.

Registering his displeasure, Naaba Nsor, added that “the water company is just right beside us but we are thirsty, for years there has not been any potable water for us in this community we are appealing to the government to quickly address this challenge cause it’s disheartening in this modern era.”

Residents now have to rely on the river water for washing while sachet water is used for cooking and drinking.

A cursory drive around the area also revealed dusty roads as all the roads in the area are untarred, most shops and houses close to the roads are covered in dust, residents’ bemoaned the situation on the constant politicizing of situations in the country. According to the aggrieved residents politicians have promise to construct their roads only to fail them when they assume office.

According to a resident in the area Sarah Akua Mensah, who spoke to wise news, said residents see the state of their roads as political talk show.

“All politicians are the same they always come to us promising they will fix our roads but fail when they assume office”



Source:Naayirima Dery/wisetvonlin.com

“Roadmap On Lifting Small-Scale Mining Ban Out Soon” – President Akufo-Addo

The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has assured that, shortly, Government will put out a statement setting out a comprehensive roadmap, including the lifting of the ban on small-scale mining, to deal with, on a permanent basis, the grave threat of galamsey to the present and future health of Ghana.

The comprehensive roadmap, according to the President, will involve the reclaiming and re-afforestation of mined-out areas; the restoration of impacted water bodies; and strict supervision of the processes of awarding mining licenses and associated permits.

Additionally, the road map will incorporate the establishment of a mercury pollution abatement project; the implementation of alternative livelihood projects; systematic control of the engagement of excavators and changfans in mining areas; and continued formalisation and regulation of the small-scale mining sector.

“When the ban is lifted, you will have a responsibility, as was successfully discharged in the days of our forefathers, to continue to help preserve our lands, water bodies and environment,” the President said.

He continued, “We all have a duty to say no to galamsey for our own common survival and the survival of those who are to come. If we allow it, we are jeopardising both our present and our future. This cannot be over-emphasised.”

President Akufo-Addo made this known on Monday, 18th June, 2018, when he delivered the keynote address at the sensitisation workshop for traditional and religious leaders and stakeholders on the elimination of illegal mining in Ghana, held at the Accra International Conference Centre.

Recalling his remarks to the same gathering a year ago, the President acknowledged that because of the difficulties the nation had gone through in recent years, some personshad decided to find unorthodox means, including galamsey, of keeping body and soul together.

In dealing with galamsey, the Akufo-Addo government set up, at the level of the Cabinet, an Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining, with the world-renowned scientist, Prof. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, in the chair.

The Committee, at the commencement of its work, recommended an initial 6-month ban on small scale mining activities, a request which was assented to by the President. The ban has, since then, been extended.

Government, the President said, gave directives to the Committee to carry out certain activities to bring sanity into the artisanal gold mining sector, including the launching of Operation Vanguard; the training of small-scale miners in sustainable mining methods at the George Grant University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa; and regular interactions between the Inter-Ministerial Committee and the Small-Scale Miners Association to craft a Code of Practice for small scale mining operations.

President Akufo-Addo added that the formation of District Mining Committees against illegal mining with clearly defined terms of reference; and the deployment of satellite imagery and drone technology to monitor the mining activities of illegal miners, have been undertaken by the Committee.

“Government also ratified the Minamata Convention on Mercury, as the 40th State Party. The objective of the Minamata Convention is to protect human health and the environment from anthropogenic emissions, and releases of mercury and mercury compounds into the environment,” he added.

President Akufo-Addo expressed his and the appreciation of the nation to the country’s revered religious leaders, and eminent Chiefs and Queenmothers, for the support they have offered, and continue to offer in the fight against galamsey.

“I was in the Western Region for a 3-day tour a little over a week ago, and I was comforted by the strong remarks of support by the Chiefs I encountered, who attested to the marked improvement in the vegetation and the quality of the water bodies, in comparison to the situation a year ago,” he added.

Okyenhene’s convoy involved in accident at Osino

The convoy of the Okyenhene, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin was involved in an accident at Osino, along the main Kumasi-Accra Highway Sunday afternoon.

Eyewitnesses said a tipper truck run into the last vehicle in the convoy, forcing it off the road at Osino in the Eastern region.

The Okyenhene, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin was returning to Kyebi after a visit to Kumasi where together with the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, they participated in a golf tournament.

The Okyenhene is unhurt and is currently at the Ofori Panin Fie at Kyebi.

“It’s just one of the cars in the convoy, it’s nothing serious and nobody is hurt. The Okyenhene is safe in his palace right now,” a spokesperson in the Okyenhene’s Palace, D.M. Ofori Atta told Starrfmonline.






Muslim Youth Adviced to Stay Away from addictive Drugs

Muslims in Joma in the Ablekuma North Constituency have marked this year’s eid-ul-Fitr with a called on Muslim youth to desist from the use of narcotics and other addictive hard drug such as tramadol.

Addressing the gathering after the Eid prayers, the Zongo Chief in the area, Musah Nsor said, more young people are losing their lives to this menace and thus, it is high time they put an end to it.

“Our youth are now dying because of the use of addictive drugs and its time we caution them against it, just last week we buried three people due to this canker, we are pleading with our young people to stop to using drug abuse”

He further appealed to the government to construct roads to ease transportation problems in the area.




Source:Naayirima Dery/wisetvonline.com


As Muslims celebrate Eid ul Fitr, the Akuapem South Constituency of the New Patriotic Party has congratulated all Muslims in the constituency  and the country at large on the period of merry making after a successful and peaceful month of fasting.

In a statement signed by the Communications Director of the Constituency, Nana Adom Kusi on behalf of the Member of Parliament for the Constituency, Hon. O.B Amoah and the constituency executives, it commended all Muslims in the constituency on their hard work and contribution to the development in the constituency.

The statement also praised the energetic NASSARA Coordinators of the party and all Muslims for their comportment, love, peace and cleanliness of observance and praying for the success of the country.



Source:Emmanuel Odei/wisetvonline.com

Oye Lithur in Divorce Court with Husband Tony Lithur

Lawyer And Husband of former Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Tony Lithur has filed for divorce from his wife Nana Oye Lithur.  The Lawyer for ex-president John Mahama has demanded divorce from his wife of 20-years.

According to documents signed by O.K Osarfo Buabeng of Aseawuo Chambers and Co, Mr. Lithur, said that one of the main reasons for seeking divorce is the violent nature of his wife.

Tony Lithur filed for a divorce from the former Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection on May 2, 2018, in the Divorce and Matrimonial Division of the Accra High Court.

“When the parties settled down to marriage, petitioner began to notice some unnerving character traits of the Respondent. While petitioner was aware Respondent was aggressive in approach to many things, nothing prepared him for what he later discovered of cruel and instinctively violent traits. She consistently exhibited physical violence and cruelty against every person that has ever lived with the parties, either as household staff or relative,” the petition said.

The petition also said that Nana Oye Lithur is “required within 8 days after service hereof upon you. Inclusive of the day service to enter on appearance either in person or by solicitor at the Divorce Registry of the High Court, Accra in the Greater Accra Region of the Republic of Ghana should you think? It is to do so and thereafter to answer this petition and that in default of your so doing, the Court will proceed to hear the petition and pronounce judgement your absence notwithstanding.”













Source:Naayirima Dery/wisetvonline.com

Trump, Kim share historic handshake

U.S. President Donald Trump shakes hands with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un at the Capella resort on Sentosa Island Tuesday, June 12, 2018 in Singapore. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un shared warm words and a historic handshake Tuesday as they held an unprecedented summit to confront a decades-old nuclear stand-off and enmity stretching back to the Cold War.

The two men clasped hands beneath the white-washed walls of an upscale hotel in neutral Singapore, before sitting down for a half-day of meetings with major ramifications for the region and the world.

It is the first-ever meeting between sitting leaders of the two nuclear-armed foes and was unthinkable just months ago, when fears of war mounted amid missile tests and verbal insults.

The pair shook hands for several seconds, Trump reaching out to touch the North Korean leader on his right shoulder.

As they sat down for their tete-a-tete, the US leader — who had said he would know “within the first minute” if a deal would be possible — predicted a “terrific relationship” with Kim.

For his part, the North’s leader made a reference to the two countries’ history of war and acrimony, but noted the fact of their meeting showed they could overcome the past.

Sitting across from Trump at a small side table, Kim told the US president through a translator: “It was not easy to get here.”

“The past worked as fetters on our limbs and the old prejudices and practices worked as obstacles on our way forward,” he went on, his listener looking him in the eye and nodding. “But we overcame all of them and we are here today.”

Trump responded: “That’s true” before another handshake — smiling this time — and a thumbs-up from the US president.

The imagery for the high-stakes meeting was undoubtedly positive and Kim Yong-hyun, professor at Dongguk University in Seoul said: “The atmosphere of the summit looks very good.”

“It will be hard for this meeting to agree on specific deals but it carries considerable significance as a starting point,” he said.

After huddling for around 40 minutes, the leaders were joined by senior advisors before breaking for lunch, with prawn cocktail, short-rib confit, soy-braised cod, and vanilla ice-cream among the options.

– ‘Fire and fury’ –

Some analysts have warned the summit could produce more style than substance and Kelly Magsamen, a former top Pentagon Asia specialist, said: “We’ll see if Kim actually gives him anything more than superficial pleasantries and some good TV.”

But the warm words and positive optics seemed a different era from when Trump was threatening to rain down “fire and fury” on Pyongyang and Kim attacked Trump as a “mentally deranged US dotard”, as he fired off a series of provocative weapons tests.

Trump had cajoled the international community to exert “maximum pressure” to buckle Kim’s regime if he did not give up his nuclear weapons.

The Singapore summit is a potentially legacy-defining meeting for both men — comparable to president Richard Nixon’s 1972 visit to China, or Ronald Reagan’s 1986 summit with Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavik.

And it is part of what Trump calls a “one-time” offer to resolve the stand-off through diplomacy.

Many agreements have been made in the past with North Korea that have later fallen apart.

On the table is the vexed question of denuclearisation — a word that means vastly different things to the two parties.

It remains far from clear that Pyongyang is willing to give up its nukes -— weapons that the regime sees as its ultimate guarantee of survival.

And on the eve of the meeting, aides for both men were still scrambling to narrow yawning differences.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday that the United States was willing to offer Pyongyang “unique” security guarantees if it denuclearises.

– Hugely symbolic –

The pair — Kim in his thirties and consolidating his dictatorship, Trump in his seventies and struggling to bend Washington to his impetuous will — are unlikely protagonists, both instantly recognisable, so much larger than life as to be cartoonish.

But their work Tuesday was deadly serious.

They represent nations that are still technically at war, even if the mortars, carbines and gunships of the bloody 1950s conflict have long since fallen silent.

The totalitarian regime has made rapid progress towards marrying nuclear and missile technology that would put Los Angeles, New York and Washington within striking distance of a nuclear weapon.

The United States says that is unacceptable and will be dealt with, one way or another.

For North Korea the talks are hugely significant and the image of Kim and Trump standing before the flags of both countries is an enormous step towards ending decades of international isolation.

Trump will use what he says are legendary instincts to see whether Kim if bluffing, buying time or is serious.

But the summit itself is unlikely to be the end game — more likely it is the start of a longer process of negotiation.

The discussions “will set the framework for the hard work that will follow”, Pompeo said.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in echoed the feelings of many on the troubled peninsula and beyond.

“I, too, could hardly sleep last night,” he told his ministers as they watched the handshake live before a cabinet meeting, voicing hopes for a “new era among the two Koreas and the United States”.





World Cup child trafficking bid foiled in Nigeria

Nigerian authorities say they have rescued nine young girls and one boy who were being trafficked to Russia.

Five suspects, including a policeman and a quarantine officer, were arrested for allegedly facilitating their travel, the government agency fighting trafficking says.

The victims were found while trying to board a plane from Lagos to Moscow.

They had football supporter ID cards in order to look as though they were fans heading to the World Cup in Russia.

The children, who were unaccompanied, are now in a shelter for victims of trafficking which run by the National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (Naptip).

Five other potential victims, also children, were stopped from boarding a flight to Russia when staff noticed they had one-way tickets.

Criminals have been pressurising young Nigerians and their parents to take advantage of the World Cup to get Russian visas, Naptip says.

It warns that, once out of the country, the victims would be exploited by traffickers.

Many victims of trafficking from Africa to Europe come from Nigeria.

According to the UN’s agency for migration, most of the potential sex trafficking victims arriving in Italy by sea are Nigerian.




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