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Awuku flays NPP Youth Org. aspirants over insults ridden campaigns


The National Youth Organizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Sammy Awuku has condemned the acrimonious nature of the campaign being waged by some youth activists of the party aspiring to contest for the National Youth Organizer position in the impending National Congress.

According to him, the insults being thrown at each other in the campaign activities of these aspirants on social media have gotten to a crescendo, a development which he noted is not good for the party.

Commenting on the issue on Okay FM Monday, Sammy Awuku stated that he and his predecessors have come a long way in building the youth wing of the party, adding that he’ll not sit aloof for gains that has been made over the years to be eroded by such negative acts.

He disclosed that he’ll soon call a meeting of all the aspirants of which all the former National Youth Organizer will be present, to caution the aspirants against waging a campaign in which they set loose their attack dogs on their competitors, adding that at that meeting a red line will be drawn and whoever crosses will be dealt with severely.

“You the aspirant if you are not able to control your campaign team then it means if you emerge as the National Youth Organizer you’ll not help the party. From that meeting day, anything negative that a campaign team uses to attack other competitors, we’ll print them all out and give them to the vetting committee for the aspirant to answer questions when he appears before the committee. The committee will subsequently take a decision as to whether the aspirant should be cleared or not. I’m going to be very tough and firm on all the aspirants who happen to be my friends. 

“You have to tell the party youth what you can do for them when you become their leader and stop the insults and personal attacks. The challenge that will confront the next youth leader is that he’ll have to complement the efforts of government with the introduction of any initiative. So if they begin with insults whoever wins cannot count on the support of the others.”



Retool security agencies to fight crime – Minority demands


The Minority in Parliament wants the government to immediately re-tool the country’s security services to ensure the safety of citizens.

This they contend will help the services discharge their duties efficiently in combating crime.

The call follows recent cases of crime recorded in the country with the latest being the killing of a Police Officer on duty last Sunday dawn at the Kwabenya District Police station.

Suspected armed robbers raided the police station, attacked the officer on duty and freed seven cell inmates.

The police are currently on a manhunt for the seven fugitives, as well as the suspected armed robbers who attacked the Kwabenya police station.

Speaking to Citi News, Minority spokesperson on Interior and Defense, James Agalga, said the government must expedite actions to avert further crimes.

“We want to see the police service properly retooled. We want to see the Armed Forces properly retooled. With time if we don’t see that happening definitely we are going to be asking questions. We want it to be done almost immediately because our security agencies are over stretched.”

“We have received reports to the effect that the MCE of Wa [Municipal Assembly] has also been attacked, on Christmas day, the MP for Asunafo South, Eric Opoku was attacked, the NPP Chairman for Akyem Akroso was attacked. In his own words he had to return fire in order to repel his assailants. These things clearly are a reflection of the state of our security. So we need to ensure that our security services are retooled and right strategies are put in place,” he added.



Weah Takes Office Today As Liberia’s President


Liberia will today, January 22, 2018 be the focus of international attention, as political power will peacefully be transferred from one elected leader to another, something that hasn’t been done in Liberia in seven decades of the nation’s history.

George Oppon Weah, the candidate of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), was officially declared the President-elect of Liberia on Friday, December 29, 2017 following a presidential run-off election in the West African country on Tuesday, December 26, 2017.

George Oppon Weah, the candidate of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), was officially declared the President-elect of Liberia on Friday, December 29, 2017 following a presidential run-off election in the West African country on Tuesday, December 26, 2017.

Weah defeated incumbent Vice-President, Joseph Boakai, with 61.5 per cent of the total votes cast, representing a total of 732,185 votes in the election conducted by the National Elections Commission of Liberia.

The second round of voting was delayed after a legal challenge, filed by the third-place party, alleging that voter fraud and irregularities took place.

But the country’s apex court ruled it did not have enough evidence of fraud, allowing the runoff to proceed.

And barring any unforeseen circumstances, Weah will today be sworn in as Liberia’s President, taking over from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who in 2006 took over the country founded by freed US slaves.

Just as the outgoing President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President-elect, George Weah’s administration will be inheriting a task of removing greater number of poverty-stricken masses from abject poverty, provide electricity and safe-drinking water to greater population, ensure paved roads across the country, create jobs and quality education and affordable health care with emphasis on available and among other pressing necessities.

And since President-elect Weah’s speech will be flowered by millions of people across the world, especially international players, it’s expected of him to use the inauguration to set forth his administration’s foreign policy and domestic agenda constructively as he seeks to reach Liberia’s international partners and friendly countries.

He is also expected to use his inaugural address to consider good neighbourliness and ensuring the prevalence of sub- regional, and by extension guaranteeing regional and global peace and security.

In furtherance, the speech is expected to avoid big promises; instead address pressing issues since keeping promise is a difficult task to achieve.

Politics in Liberia, which declared its independence in 1847, was dominated for decades by one-party rule, before a military coup in 1980.

A period of uncertainty followed, eventually leading to back-to-back civil wars between 1989 and 2003, which left an estimated 250,000 people dead and the country’s economy and infrastructure in ruins.

Last year’s election was the third since the end of the devastating conflict 14 years ago, while Weah’s victory marks the first peaceful transition of power in the country since 1944.


Source: Today

Speedy Recovery!!! – NDC To Bawumia


The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is wishing Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia a speedy recovery.

Dr Bawumia was taken ill on Friday and later flown to the United Kingdom for medical leave according to a statement from the presidency. Click to read

“Speedy recovery to Vice President Mahamadou Bawumia who has been medically evacuated to London for treatment” the NDC wrote on its official Twitter handle on Saturday.



Source: Peacefmonline.com

Come clean on Bawumia’s health status – Minority demands


The Minority Leader in Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu, is calling for more clarity from the Presidency with respect to the health status of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

Speaking on the Floor of Parliament on Sunday, he criticized the government over its communication of what he described as a “sensitive matter.”

Dr. Bawumia left Ghana for the United Kingdom on Friday night on medical leave after the Presidency indicated that he had taken ill earlier in the day and was undergoing medical checks.

Mr. Iddrisu suggested that some of the wording in statements released on the matter were vague.

“Mr. Speaker, we are not happy with government communicators at the office of the Presidency. Mr. Speaker, it is a sensitive matter. I could be ill myself, but Mr. Speaker, they should communicate well. I have sighted a letter where they say he is on Medical leave. What medical leave? Words matter,” the Minority leader remarked.

What the gov’t has said so far

The first statement from the government revealing Dr. Bawumia’s condition said: “The Vice President of the Republic, Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, in the early hours of Friday, 19th January, 2018, reported feeling unwell. He was attended to by his doctors, and is currently undergoing medical tests and observation. Any further information will be duly communicated.”

The second statement, indicating that the Vice President had left Ghana to the United Kingdom on medical leave said, “The Vice President of the Republic, Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, on Friday, 19th January, 2018, left Ghana for the United Kingdom for medical leave, on advice of his doctors. He was accompanied by the 2nd Lady, Hajia Samira Bawumia.”

Mustapha Hamid, Minister for Information

Bawumia is in the UK to rest – Hamid

The Information Minister, Mustapha Hamid, has since provided some further clarity saying the decision to fly Dr. Bawumia to the was to ensure that he was kept away from visitors who may disturb his rest and recuperation period.

“When he is in Ghana, people will come from his village; from Walewale, from Gambaga. Wherever he is in Ghana, people will still besiege him to visit him. Even me, I would think that if I don’t go and visit him, he may think that Mustapha didn’t come and see me and etc,” the Information Minister stated.

Unusual practice?

The practice of revealing the health status of a President or a Vice, is not a common practice in Ghana.

In most cases, they are kept top secret, leaving room for the public to speculate.  It is thus unclear why the current New Patriotic Party [NPP] administration has found it necessary to put out this information – something that will undoubtedly surprise many.

However, in most developed democracies like the United States and most parts of Europe, there is often full disclosure on the health statuses of Presidents.

Whiles some have commended the government for speaking about the Vice President’s ill-health, others have criticized it, saying the announcement has created panic.

It would be recalled that Ghana’s late President, John Evans Atta Mills, died of a disease that is still unknown to Ghanaians.

Whiles he was alive and in office, his party, the NDC, repeatedly denied reports that he was unwell, although his physical appearance depicted him as unwell.

When he passed on, most Ghanaians criticized the governing NDC at the time for not being truthful with the health status of the President, but rather went ahead to create an impression that all was well with him.



Angry Ellembele NPP executives storm party head office; demand voter’s register


The angry Ellembele constituency executives of NPP

Some 150 executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) from Ellembele Constituency of the Western Region, have lay siege to the party’s head office in Accra to demand the original copy of the voters’ register.

The aggrieved constituency executives from the 122 polling stations say they will resist attempts by the leadership of the party in the Region and acting National Chairman, Freddie Blay, to disenfranchise them.

The governing party is preparing to hold constituency, regional and national elections in January 2018, which Mr Blay currently a Vice Chair and acting Chair, is contesting to become the substantive Chairperson.

The aggrieved officers say Mr Blay may be up to some mischief, hence the delay in releasing their register, JoyNews’ Latiff Iddris reported on the Midday News Thursday.

“Their demand is so simple; they are saying they need their copy of the party register and added they will teach Blay a lesson,” the reporter told Anchor, Emefa Apawu.

At the time of filing the report, acting General Secretary of the party, John Boadu was in a meeting with executives of the party from the Western Region to resolve the issue.



Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com

Mahama’s unity walks intellectually bankrupt- Ex NHIA boss


Former Chief Executive of the National Health Insurance Authority and NDC flagbearer hopeful, Sylvester Mensah, has described the Unity Walks being undertaken by the NDC as “intellectually bankrupt and politically divisive.”

According to him, it is premature and would not yield any positive results considering the timing.

The former NHIA boss was speaking on The Hard Truth on Joy News channel on Multi TV with Nana Akosua Konadu Asante-Samuels.

‘’If we are talking about unity, a walk is just a little component of the solution to the broader challenge of internal unity. To put it bluntly, it is just a smokescreen for an individual to position himself for leadership’’, he said.

He named ex-president John Mahama as the beneficiary of this politically divisive plot

A pro-Mahama and former Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) Mayor Kojo Bonsu has been spearheading a unity walk to unite the NDC rank and file ahead of the party’s restructuring.

The ex-president has been a constant speaker on the Unity Walk platforms, which he used to deplore some decisions of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

But some flagbearer hopefuls of the opposition party are not happy with the Unity Walks.

The former NHIA boss’ sentiments have also been expressed by other flagbearer hopefuls including Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin.

Mr. Alban-Bagbin who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Nadowli Kaleo Constituency in the Upper West Region also launched a scathing attack against former President John Dramani Mahama for his alleged subtle attempts to announce his intention to lead the National Democratic Congress in the 2020 Elections.



Volta Chief sues AG, Commission of Enquiry on new regions


The Chief of Srogboe, Togbui Patamia the IV, has filed a suit at the Accra Human Rights High Court against the Attorney General and two others, following a decision by the Commission of Enquiry on the creation of new regions to hold public hearings for the creation of a new region in the northern part of the Volta Region.

The suit follows an initial letter sent to the Commission of Enquiry expressing reservations about the schedule of meetings in the region with regards to the proposed Oti region.

The chief is seeking the following reliefs in his suit:

  • A declaration that the decision to hold public hearings into the creation of the new region in the Volta Region only in the Northern part save for Ho, the regional capital infringes applicants’ fundamental human rights  guaranteed under the constitution, 1992.
  • A declaration that the exercise of second respondents’ discretion in selecting only venues in the North, save for Ho, the regional capital is arbitrary, bereft of candor and unreasonable, given the Commission’s terms of reference in clear violation of Article 296 of the 1992 constitution.
  • An order compelling the respondents herein to extend to the South of the Volta Region, public hearings into the matter of the creation of the new region in the Volta Region.

‘Southern views important’

A petition was earlier submitted to the Commission of Enquiry requesting that the hearings in the Volta Region be expanded beyond the northern part of the region to cover areas in the south as well.

The lawyer for the seven petitioners, Albert Quashigah, told Citi News that his clients had decided to petition the Commission because they felt that persons who lived in the southern part of the region were being discriminated against in the process.

According to them, the decision to select venues for the hearings which were predominantly based in the north, constitutes an exclusion of the people in the south, despite the fact that a regional split would affect the entire region.

“About five venues have been chosen. My clients became alarmed because if you look at the distribution of the venues for the hearing, you would find that they are basically concentrated in the northern part of the Volta Region,” he said.

“These public hearings are for the Volta Region. The region is a mass expansion of land from the south to the north, and the eventual creation of the region would affect the entire region. So if you want to do a public hearing on a matter as sensitive as this, you don’t create the impression that only those who live in the areas involved in the split will be considered.”

‘Most appropriate venues’

In their response to the concerns raised, the Commission said given the fact that the petition had been received for the creation of a new region from the northern part of the Volta Region, it was imperative that it visits the parts earmarked for the split to determine whether the action is viable.

In a  letter to the petitioners signed by its Secretary, Jacob Saah, the Commission said the venues chosen for the hearings were the “most appropriate” to ensure the ultimate success of its work in the region.

“The Commission is of the considered opinion that the venues for the public hearings, published in the Daily Graphic of January 8, 2018, are the most appropriate if the objectives of the mission to the Volta Region are to be achieved. The Commission’s visit has been necessitated by a petition from the Chiefs and people of the northern part of the Volta Region demanding the creation of a new region,” the letter said.

“The facts and issues raised in the petition can only be verified in that part of the country. The Commission therefore has a duty to visit the northern part of the Volta Region to observe things at first hand, and interact with its people directly. The Commission is aware that the Chiefs and people of other parts of the Volta Region also desire for their opinions to be heard on the matter at hand.”

President Nana Addo set up a Commission of Enquiry  in 2017 to collate the views of various stakeholders and residents on the creation of new regions.

The Commission, upon assumption of office toured the Volta, Western, Northern and the Brong Ahafo Regions, to solicit the views of residents on the creation of the new regions.

A retired Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Brobbey, led the committee of 8 members to undertake the consultation process.

The Commission has also engaged chiefs and opinion leaders from the Western, Volta Northern and the Brong Ahafo Regions during its consultations.

Government is seeking to split the Northern, Western, Volta and the Brong-Ahafo Regions. However, some analysts, including chiefs have expressed their reservations about the move, arguing that it is merely for political advantage.

But the Minister of Regional Re-organisation, Dan Botwe, has dispelled such claims, saying the new regions would create economic opportunities for all.



Keep quiet! ‘Embarrassed’ Kofi Adams chides Bagbin, Sylvester Mensah


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) National Organiser has called for a cease-fire in the party after two senior members attacked former president John Mahama in separate interviews with Joy News.

A disappointed Kofi Adams said the incessant open attacks are “hurting the NDC” and undermining its reorganization and unity efforts.

Speaking to Evans Mensah on Joy FM’s Top Story Thursday, the NDC’s 2016 Campaign Coordinator said anyone who expends time accusing party members does not have the NDC’s interest at heart.

                                 National Democratic Congress (NDC) National Organiser, Kofi Adams

He was reacting to attacks launched against Mr Mahama by Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin and former National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) boss, Sylvester Mensah.

The two former appointees in separate interviews with Joy News blamed their former boss for the party’s defeat in the 2016 presidential poll, concluding he was not fit to lead the NDC into the 2020 general elections.

Mr Bagbin had told Joy News’ Gifty Andoh Appiah the former president lacked the leadership qualities to lead the NDC.

He accused Mr Mahama of funding the NDC’s Unity Walks to bounce back, adding a leader worth following will not hide behind anything to launch his ambition.

                           Former National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) boss, Sylvester Mensah

On the part of Mr. Mensah, the ex-president’s ideas and policies are no longer relevant to the future of the NDC.

“The time he burst into the political scene he was the best [but] we’ve gotten to a completely new era that requires a new set of people,” he made a case for his candidature.

Wearing his statistician lens, Mr Mensah said the numbers behind the NDC loss in the last two years’ election showed the ‘disaffection in the party is at an all-time high.’

“The level of withdrawal is high, you can also tell that there was anger [and] these are very large statements. It tells that we have gotten to a very crucial junction,” he said.

But Mr Adams said the two senior party members are “creating problems for the NDC” with their comments.

There is currently a petition before the party’s Council of Elders, asking Mr Bagbin to be sanctioned for his comments against Mr Mahama.

Asked what the party was doing to stop such attacks in the future, Mr Adams said the NDC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) will look into the petition and if possible punish to deter others.

“It is clear we must take an action [because] we are very unhappy with the behaviour of these seniors,” he said.

“It appears they are happy that we are in this position otherwise they will be spending more time towards the party’s reorganization.”


Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com

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