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Ghana Cards To Cost $293 MIllion, Not $1.2 Billion – NIA

Prof Ken Attafuah

The National Identification Authority (NIA), led by Executive Secretary Prof Ken Attafuah, has clarified that the total cost of producing the Ghana Cards is $293 million, not $1.2 billion, as widely reported.

In a statement released by NIA’s Corporate Affairs Department, the Authority said: “The NIS project to deliver ID cards to all Ghanaians is over a period of one year. Within this period, the state is committed to $124m while the project partner is committed to $169m.

“The total project cost for the delivery of the Ghana cards is, therefore, $293m and not 1.2bn USD. This total is expected to cover the technical and operational cost that will deliver ID Cards to all Ghanaians over the one year period”, the statement, which is produced in full below stated.


NIA Reponses to Frequently Asked Questions on the Cost of the NIS Project

30th May, 2018

1. Why 1.2bn USD?


The NIS project to deliver ID cards to all Ghanaians is over a period of one year. Within this period, the state is committed to $124m while the project partner is committed to $169m. The total project cost for the delivery of the Ghana cards is therefore $293m and not 1.2bn USD. This total is expected to cover the technical and operational cost that will deliver ID Cards to all Ghanaians over the one year period.

When the card has been delivered and become fully functional, part of the revenues that NIA will be raking in by virtue of the daily use of the card, will be used to manage NIA’s operational cost and pay off the investments that the partners would make over a period of 15years. This is projected to be 1.2bn USD over the life-cycle of the project.

2. Who is paying?


The NIS project cost (one year within which cards will be delivered to all Ghanaians) will be borne by government and the partner.

3. How are we paying?


Government pays its part of $124m (the only cost the state will incur) through the consolidated fund as provided for in the 2017 budget. The partner pays off its part through a combination of loans and equity.

4. How many cards will be issued over the 15 year period?

A total of 90,823,235 cards will be issued. The breakdown is as follows:
Age 0-14
Age 15
Issued Abroad
Mass Issuance—————-9,160,850
New Issuance—————–12,234,00
First Issuance0-14————21,394851
Expiry replacement——–11,624,400
Replacement of lost——–4,145,450
Total Issuance—————37,164,701
M. Issuance——15,418,774
N. Issuance——-10,835,353
F. Issuance——-26,254,127
E. Replacement–17,235,425
L. Replacement–8,756,454
Total Issuance—52,246,006
N. issuance———596,000
Total Issued——1,412,520

5. What Procurement methods were used?


A Public Private Partnership arrangement that comes with the requirements of Built, Maintain, Operate and Transfer. The contract terms and pricing are consistent with the Foreigner Identity Management System (FIMS) Pilot Project agreement executed between NIA and IMS in 2012, and the Feasibility Study Report for the present expanded project, which received two approvals by the Public Private Partnership Agreement Committee (PPPC) of Ministry of Finance in 2014 prior to the 2018 Final Approval.

These costs have undergone Value-For-Money (VFM) audits by the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) and have also been thoroughly assessed by the Public Investments Division of the Ministry of Finance. The contract has also been reviewed by the Attorney-General?s Department and the Legal Unit of the Ministry of Finance, as well as the Economic Management Team of Government. It has also received Cabinet approval. Copies of the Contract were distributed to all 275 members of Parliament, and appropriate waivers for import duty exemptions were also granted by Parliament.

6. What kind of cards?
Two types of cards will be issued:

2D Barcodes

This type of cards will be issued to children under 15 years. Reasons; Children within this age bracket will often not carry out transactions requiring the use of smart cards. It will not make economic sense to issue smart cards to children within this bracket.
The Authority currently has in stock 12million 2D Barcodes. In order that this stock is not wasted, which will amount to financial loss to the State, together with all the reasons for a 2D Barcode the Authority deemed prudent to issue 2D Barcode to citizens within bracket.
Smart card.

All citizens 15 and above will be issued smart ID cards. Features of the smartcard include:

Meet all international quality standards of a smart card (International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO))
Has a 148kilobites space with 14applets that can host ID information or data for other state agencies (DVLA, SSNIT, NHIA, etc.)

Can be used in contact and contactless mode.

An e-Passport profile and application on the card that allow immediate travel across the ECOWAS sub-region without the need for a paper passport.

A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that protects our data and the ecosystem from unauthorised access

7. How interoperable will the cards be?
The NIA has a standing MOU with the Telecos, and they have agreed to integrate aspects of the NIA database relevant to them into their systems. The NIA database will be required for ID purposes in order to eliminate fraud on the interoperability platform.




John Boadu Begins Greater Accra Regional Campaign Tour

Gearing up for the party upcoming national delegates conference to elect national executives for the next four years, the governing party, New Patriotic Party (NPP) Acting General Secretary has vigorously begun his campaign tour of the Greater Accra Region where he is expected to visit each of the 34 constituencies in the region to interact with the various party executives and the rank and file as well as share his campaign message with them.

His tour is also meant to afford him an opportunity to appraise himself with the current state of the party, particularly the relationship between party and government in each of the constituencies in the country as they intend to retain power in the next general elections.

The National Delegates Conference which was rescheduled will now take place in the capital city of Eastern Region, Koforidua from 6th to 7th July, 2018.

Meanwhile, the General Scribe, John Boadu has already been to the Upper West, Upper East, Northern and Brong Ahafo Regions where he visited a total of 86 constituencies in these four regions to, not only campaign, but listen to and address the concerns of the party’s grassroots with the view of boosting their morale ahead of elections 2020 and beyond.

On resourcing party structures, the Acting General Secretary striving to be the substantial secretary among other things over the years committed his personal resources towards the construction of party offices where as in some cases, completion of permanent constituency offices for the party and as well as willing to commit resources to equip these offices in order to make them functional at all times.

On the first day of his Greater Accra Regional tour, he visited the Obom-Domeabra constituency as well as the Weija-Gbawe, Botiano Ngleshie-Amanfrom, Anyaa-Sowuto, Ablekuma Central, Ablekuma North, Ablekuma South, Ablekuma West and the Odododiodio Constituencies where he had interactions with the executives on his message of grassroots empowerment and resourcing of party structures.

Furthermore, he also visited the Ayawaso East, Ayawaso Central, Ayawaso West, Ayawaso North, Klottey Korle, Ledzokuku, La-Dade Kotopen and Krowor Constituencies where he held a smooth interaction with the respective constituency executives on his second day of his Greater Accra Regional tour to canvass for the grassroots vote come July 6th at the party national delegates’ conference.

The campaign continues on today, Friday, June 1, 2018 where he will be touring some of the remaining constituencies in the region until he’s done visiting all the 34 constituencies of the region. The reception in Greater Accra, just like what the campaign team experienced in the regions visited so far, has been extremely overwhelming and gratifying.




Source: Ishmael Barfi/wisetvonline.com

Zimbabwe to hold first post-Mugabe elections on July 30

Emmerson Mnangagwa became president in November after an army intervention overthrew longtime leader Robert Mugabe [Reuters]

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has announced elections will be held on July 30, the first without long-time former leader Robert Mugabe on the ballot.

Mnangagwa became president in November after an intervention by the army removed Mugabe.

“The Zimbabwe election commission is hereby advised to fix Monday the 30th of July as the day of the election of the office of president, the election of members of house of assembly and election of councillors,” Mnangagwa said.

His main opponent will be Nelson Chamisa, 40,  leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, which lost its stalwart, Morgan Tsvangirai, to cancer earlier this year.

So far, opposition parties have been campaigning without the previous threats of violence and arrest. More than five million of Zimbabwe’s 13 million people have registered to vote.

A runoff will be held on September 8 if none of the presidential candidates wins an outright majority, according to a proclamation by Mnangagwa.

Known by his nickname The Crocodile, Mnangagwa was a long-standing ally of Mugabe before the latter sacked him.

Mugabe was widely accused of violently suppressing the opposition and rigging elections during his more than three decades in power. Mnangagwa has promised that international election observers will be allowed back into Zimbabwe and the vote will be free and fair.

The European Union signed an agreement earlier this week with Zimbabwe in preparation for deploying election observers nationwide.




End ‘backward’ political violence in Asunafo South – Nana Addo

President Nana Akufo-Addo has expressed disappointment at the protracted political violence raging in the Asunafo South Constituency in the Brong Ahafo Region between supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He described the situation as a disgrace and an affront to modern politics.Most recently, in April, Asunafo South saw its Member of Parliament, Eric Opoku, and three others NDC sympathisers, attacked and his properties vandalized.

The former Brong Ahafo Regional Minister also had his home raided and vandalised in December 2017.

President Akufo-Addo said, “when you meet loved ones and you don’t put the truth before them, it’s not the best. The nasty conflict that is going on Asunafo South, where we pick up cutlasses and weapons to attack each other because of politics; this is village life… it’s not the best.”

The President also urged the police to shed all biases when dealing with such incidents.

“Police have said it and will repeat it again… crime has no political colour. If someone attacks another with a cutlass, you don’t use their political colours to judge. What is important is that such a person has committed a crime and the law must take its course,” he emphasized.

The President was speaking to the chiefs and people of Kukuom at a durbar organized in his honour as part of activities in his three-day tour of the region.

The President inaugurated a Ghc 370,000 office complex for the Asunafo South District Health Directorate.

The projected started 12 years ago was awarded to Reliable Shelter with funding from Gov’t of Ghana (GoG) was abandoned by successive governments.

He appealed to authorities to manage the facility well.

Osahene Kwaku Aterkyi II, paramount chief of the Kukuom Traditional Area earlier in an address appealed to the president to channel more resources to the area for rapid development.

He further appealed for a district hospital to address the health needs of people in the area.

The Asunafo South District is one of the poorest in the region and flashpoint for political violence between the NDC and the NPP. A recent visit by the former regional minister and MP for the area ended in violence.





Don’t Misuse Common Fund Money- PPP tells NPP

The Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) has cautioned the Akufo-Addo led government not to take undue advantage of its control over the MMDCEs to misapply country’s Common Fund money.

The party also opposed government’s decision to take away funds allocated through the Common Fund for use by the Assemblies.

In a statement dated May 15, 2018 and signed by National Chairman of the PPP, Nii Allotey Brew-Hammond and copied to wisetvonline.com, the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) stated unequivocally that, the Government is taking undue advantage of its control over the MMDCEs to rob the Assemblies of the funds needed to boost development at the local level.

Last Month, the PPP addressed a press to reiterate their position on the need for government to work with a sense of urgency in fulfilling its 2016 campaign promise to oversee the election of MMDCEs in 2018.

This is because the NPP government is undermining the local governance system particularly the authority and fiscal capabilities of the various Assemblies. “Government is taking undue advantage of its control over the MMDCEs to rob the Assemblies of the funds needed to boost development at the local level.”

“It is the considered opinion of the PPP that the distribution formula recently approved by parliament and the subsequent directives from the President’s appointed Administrator of the District Assemblies Common Fund, is a clear breach of the spirit and letter of the fiscal decentralisation policy and an abuse of executive powers.  It is obvious that the Akufo-Addo Administration talks decentralization when it is politically expedient but practices centralization when no one is watching, just like what the NDC in power did.”

The PPP is therefore demanding that MPs who are the representatives of the people must be diligent in checking such breaches to ensure that disbursement of common funds to the MMDAs would be based on an open and transparent formula approved by parliament.

The Progressive People’s Party is again demanding from the NPP administration, the clear road map for the election of MMDCEs, which according to them is the only genuine way to give power back to the people.

The PPP says it shall continue to promote the election of MMDCEs as the most important governance reform needed for Ghana’s democratic and economic development, and demand that it is made a topmost priority in Ghana’s governance agenda.




Source: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/wisetvonline.com


As heat and tension mounts up in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as the party is gearing up to hold its national delegates conference to elect national officers to run the party affairs for the next four years, one of the contenders for the National Youth Organiser position has thrown in the towel to join the camp of perceived candidate to win the position yesterday, Tuesday, 15th May, 2018.

Mr. Abdul Ganiyu who picked nomination form sometime last week to contest for the National Youth Organizer believes that Henry Nana Boakye also known as Nana B in the political fraternity is the man for the job as the party works to retain power as well as win more parliamentary seats in the 2020 general elections.

Interestingly, Mr. Ganiyu who is known as an ardent critic of Nana B stated that, the Youth Wing of the NPP requires a leader with exceptional skills needed to consolidate the electoral gains of the NPP; the person must be bold to be able to contain all attacks and criticisms therefore he has declared his support and loyalty to Henry Nana Boakye.

Reiterating that, “The youth of the party need a leader who can take the bull by the horn and provide the needed leadership to ensure we are retained in power beyond 2020. I have listened to all the aspirants and have assessed their competence and I’m sincerely convinced that, the right person with the skills and competence to successfully lead the party is Nana B”.

And therefore admonished delegates not to fall for empty promises and sympathy campaign but rather focus on issues based campaign.

He asserted that, the policies of Nana B for Youth Organizers of the party and the tertiary wing of the party TESCON across the country are well thought through and believes when implemented, it will enhance the commitment level of the Youth as far as voluntary work for the Party is concern.

Meanwhile momentum and goodwill continues to be on the side of Henry Nana Boakye as evident in the significant number of Regional and Constituency Youth Organizers as well as Youth Activists across the country who have openly declared their unflinching support for his candidature.

National Delegates Conference originally slated for 15th June, 2018 has been rescheduled to 6-8 July, 2018 in the capital city of Eastern Region, Koforidua after a National Steering Committee meeting yesterday 15th May, 2018. The change of date is due to that fact the  conference has clashed with this year’s  Eid-Ul-Fitr.




Source: Ishmael Barfi/ wisetvonline.com


Mr. Stephen Ntim, a New Patriotic Party (NPP) National Chairman aspirant, has asked delegates in the forthcoming party elections to give him the nod to lead the party to a higher pedestal.

He said he had unparalleled clout required to drive and position the ruling NPP well in the eyes of Ghanaians for 2020 general elections so  delegates must elect him as chairman of the Party to support the President to win massive votes in election 2020.

Mr. Stephen Ntim was addressing NPP delegates in Accra on Tuesday at the Accra International Press Centre when he launched his campaign.

Before the launch, Mr. Ntim has already toured 6 regions; Greater Accra, Volta, Western, Eastern, Ashanti and the Central Region to solicit for votes from delegates.

Mr. Ntim, a former first Vice Chairman of the Party said his dedication and loyalty to the New Patriotic Party over the years remained “clear” for which reason he would win massively.

He said as a fourth-time aspirant for the chairmanship position, he was confident of success in view of the support he has given to all constituencies across the country, years over and the goodwill he was receiving nationwide.

He said, when given the nod he would continue with his building plan project for all NPP constituency offices nationwide and bemoaned the situation in which constituency offices of the party were being run in rented premises, posing challenges sometimes to the party.

He promised to support the government’s initiatives, 1D1F implementation, planting for food, Free SHS and many more.

He emphasized that he is going to embark on a journey to secure economic empowerment for the party officials at all levels.

“When I become the National Chairman, I will lend my unalloyed support to the President and government to give more hope to the people of Ghana’ my partnership with President Akufo-Addo will be solid enough to secure the party a resounding victory in the year 2020. Because of the impeccable performance displayed by the government, grassroots member will require a strong government -party relationship to improve the fortunes of the NPP in the next generation election, and I will offer that vital leadership”, he said.

Mr. Ntim said he is intending to embark on an aggressive grassroots mobilization to increase the membership base of the party, to ensure victory 2020 and beyond. He said with effective grassroots organization and mobilization, the NPP must be able to stay in power for a long time ‘that is my irrevocable commitment to the party’, he said.




Source:Bernard K Dadzie/ wisetvonline.com

General Secretary Hopeful Calls for Reliable Database Ahead of 2020 General Elections

For the main opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC) to wrestle power from the ruling party, New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the next general elections, the need for a reliable database ahead of the 2020 general elections has be called for.

The call made by one of the aspirants for the General Secretary position at the Bortianor Ngleshie Amanfro Constituency within the Ga South Municipal Assembly in the Greater Accra region, Kabu Nartey-Oman indicated that, the party needs to collate and properly document the data of its rank and file to enable them know their strength in numbers and influence the policies and strategies to adopt.

Stressing that, this will enhance the party course of empowering the grassroots who are the pillars and foundation of the party as it reorganize to regain power from the ruling party, NPP.

In regards to that, the General Secretary aspirant speaking to wisetvonline.com revealed that, when given the nod at upcoming constituency elections slated for 23 June, 2018, he will create a proper documentation and form a solid database of the party members in the constituency to power them to victory 2020 saying this is one of several strategies he hopes to implement if given the nod.

To him, his ultimate goal of reuniting, reorganize and recapturing power from the governing NPP will materialize should he be given the mandate by the electorates.

Furthermore, hinted that, he hopes to create a research department for the National Democratic Congress at the constituency level, create an effective communication channel between the branch and the constituency and provide a good link between the region and the branches.

Believing, this will give meaning to the principles of the party, accountability and probity and appreciate the grassroots who on which the party drives.

The main opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC) is readying to conduct its constituency elections and thereafter the regional elections and then the national elections before going on to choose its flagbearer.

This they say will give them the opportunity to get their arches back together after suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of the NPP in the 2016 elections.

The General Secretary hopeful observed the processes so far and the overwhelming corporation of party faithful at the grassroots level is improving the fortunes of the party.




Source: Ishmael Barfi/wisetvonline.com


Ace Ghanaian musician, Barima Sydney, has joined the campaign team of the National Organizer and Acting General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu who is contesting for the General Secretary position of the party.

The popular hit-maker, often described as Ghana’s most controversial rap artist after releasing series of controversial songs including the famous Obia nye obia, Abuskeleke, Tinana panpanan, Scent no and African Money tracks, has always showcased his expression in Ghana’s political scene with his unbeatable lyrical dexterity.

Sydney, also known as Ghana’s Rap Ninja, indicated that, his decision to join the acting General Scribe is not only to endorse John Boadu’s candidature but also join his campaign, believing that, the Acting General Secretary has over the years proven to be a political gem, whose outstanding qualities cannot be matched with that of his contemporaries.

According to the musician, the governing party, NPP is blessed to have a hardworking man like John Boadu, whose instrumentality as National Organizer, Acting General Secretary and Director of Operations for the 2016 campaign ensured an unprecedented landslide victory for them then in opposition party with very little resources for campaign.

Inspired by John Boadu’s enviable political exploits, the multiple international award winning artist, Barimah Sydney, recently composed a meritorious song entitled, “JB Ayeebida” for the NPP’s Acting Chief Scribe in which, he told the political story of John Boadu recounting his inestimable experience and contributions to the fortunes of the NPP and Ghana at large particularly in the political milieu.

The popular artist, whose, “Scenti no hit song” was officially adopted by the NPP for the triumphant 2004 elections, has since been with John Boadu’s campaign team as they crisscross the length and breadth of this country visiting the various constituencies.

Undoubtedly, John Boadu, despite his stature in the party today, is putting up the most rigorous campaign in the lead-up to the party’s National Conference as he is committed to visiting each of the 275 constituencies in the country. He is also using the opportunity to assess the strength and current state of the party in all the constituencies with particular attention on party-government relationship and resolving the concerns of the party’s grassroots while selling his message of empowerment and resourcing of party structures.

Meanwhile, the John Boadu’s campaign team which includes Barima Sydney, is currently touring the Brong Ahafo Region and has already visited 20 out of the 29 constituencies as at Thursday, May 10, on which day, they visited Nkoranza North and South, Kintampo North and South, Wenchi, Techiman North and South Constituencies. The team has taken a break and left for Accra to complete the filing of JB’s nominations and is expected to resume sometime next week to tour the remaining constituencies in the region.




Source: Ishmael Barfi/wisetvonline.com

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