The Referees Association of Ghana (RAG), experienced a massive shake-up from the Confederation of African Football (CAF), when eight Ghanaian referees were banned as a result of collecting bribes and fixing of matches in the Anas’ expose’ (#Number 12) on June 6 at the Accra International Conference Centre.

Technical instructor Joseph Wellington and women assistant referee Theresa Akongyam were given 10 years ban each as well as center referees Reginald Lathbridge, Cecil Fleischer and Dawood Ouedraogo have also received 10 years ban each.

To complicate issues, CAF have as well banned assistant referees Salifu Malik and Eric Nantiere for 10 years each with the worst hit going to assistant referee David Laryea, who has banned for life.

       David Laryea

Commenting on the issue, T .R. K Attiful (Deputy National Instructor of RAG) said it is unfortunate this has happened to referees of Ghana, “ but we still have competent referees who can stand in for those banned” he added.

He furthered by saying that he felt sorry for referee Wellington who to him, is highly decorated and has nothing at the moment to say than to wish him well in the face of difficulty.

    Joseph Wellington

“Referee Wellington is a highly decorated referee and instructor, who listens to all opinions to form his judgement and it is just unfortunate he has to bow out this way. I have nothing than to wish him well in his challenged situation” Mr. Attiful said.

“Anas’ documentary has helped us know the truth in Ghana football and it will help us bring good reforms which will enhance the growth of football in the country”

When asked of the solution for Referees Association of Ghana, the Deputy National Instructor said “RAG must be an independent body,  ‘If we do our appointments, they have to go through Premier League Board and Executive Committee for approval which does not help us”. He concluded.

Meanwhile, centre referees Nathan Anafo, Prosper Adii, Afful Isaka Ayensu and assistant referee Ibrahim Badiu have been “provisionally suspended pending their appearance in front of the next meeting of the Disciplinary Board”.




Source:Isaac Baiden/wisetvonline,com