Some Communities in Ningo -Prampram dire need of infustructure


Kpankyredor, Ahwiam and Kopodor are communities located in the Ningo-Prampram District of the Greater Accra Region 30 minutes’ drive from the national capital, Accra with no access to basic amenities.

With a population of about  fifteen thousand (15,000) inhabitant in these communities, access to potable water, quality education and proper road network is seem to be miles away despite their proximity to the national capital. The people in these communities have had to share the only source of water– a polluted pond– with nomadic heads men and their cattle. Otherwise, school children have to walk long distances in search of water before attending classes every morning.

Due to the lack of health facilities in these communities, residents have to journey miles to close-by towns in order to acquire healthcare on bad roads.  However, owing to the high rate of poverty among the people living in these communities, most of them result to depending on the chemical stores for their medical needs. Neo-natal and maternal deaths are rife in these three communities because it is difficult to transport women in labor on appalling roads to the nearest healthcare facility.

Mr. Francis Teye Addotsu,  Assemblyman for Ahwiam electoral area in an interview with  complained that it is not only the lack of  health post and portable water that is negatively affecting  the communities,  but the deplorable roads that link Kpankyredor, Ahwiam and Kopodor to the main Tema Motorway/ Aflao  highway and the Ningo and Prapram  township, most children of school  going  age have dropped  out of school because they have to walk long distances to attend school.

He pleaded with the Department of Feeder Roads and the District Assembly to as soon as possible rehabilitate the roads to make access to healthcare and school much easier. Mr. Addotsu is also calling Ningo-Prampram District Assembly to come to the aid of these communities and provide them with health post to save lives.

On her part, the Paramount Queen Mother of Ningo, Naana Dugbakuwor Dugba, said that the under development in her traditional area is very worrying. She said the high school dropout rate among girls has resulted in the high rate of teenage pregnancy in her area. The District rate of teenage pregnancy of 13.5% was higher than the national 11.8% rate and the Regional average of 6.1% the queen mother lamented.

The Paramount Queen Mother of Ningo also asked opinion leaders, illustrious indigenes and corporate organizations to join in the fight and help to dissuade teenage girls from selling their womanhood for food and indulging in sexual activities that will hamper their health. She also appealed  for acollaborative effort to build a health post for the area.

The District Chief Executive (DCE) of Ningo-Prampram, Mr. Jonathan Teye Doku, explained that plans   were far advanced for the construction of a chips compound and also to build a mechanized borehole to serve the needs of the people in these affected areas. He continued that the District Assembly was in touch with the education and health directorate in the district to intensify the campaign and against teenage pregnancy prevalence rate the district.


Mr. Teye Doku added that, “Ningo-Prampram fast  becoming  a cosmopolitan area with a lot of people moving in there it is imperative to improve infrastructure in the area to attract investors to the district”.


Source:Emmanuel Brew Daniels/