The government of Ghana met with FIFA executives on Thursday to deliberate on issues concerning football in the country.

FIFA has given Ghana up to August 27 to withdraw the case from court or risk being banned. Based upon that, the government of Ghana met with FIFA executives on Thursday, August 16th, 2018 to clarify issues to them. The outcome of the meeting, which is available to Wise Sports, indicates that, FIFA will form a normalization committee to temporarily steer the affairs of football in the country.

Speaking to some sports journalists at Wise TV, they are of the view that the ruling of FIFA is what all sports pundits in the country have all been waiting for. “This has been the cry of all Ghanaians and we are really happy about the ruling.’’ They lamented.

According to them, the ExCO members should have condemned the act by some of their colleagues captured in the Anas’ expose’,  but rather, they came out to openly show their support for those captured on the tape. This has infuriated some of the Ghanaian populace and they have lost their respect and trust for the ExCO members.

‘I was not in support of the dissolution because a lot of clubs and players would have suffered if it had happened. I am really happy both parties have a win.”  One journalist said this concerning the dissolution of GFA.

When asked about the task force to be set up by FIFA, he said that will help to solve corruption issues in the country.

“The task force by FIFA will help us curb corruption in football in the country and our league will once again bounce back.’’ Emmanuel Odei concluded.

The meeting resolved as follows:

  1. The President of Ghana and Fifa have committed to work together to offer leadership in reforming football leadership in Ghana and in Africa.
  2. That the Government of Ghana and Fifa shall work closely to eradicate corruption and malfeasance and other associated criminal conduct from the administration of football in Ghana.
  3. The Government of Ghana and Fifa shall establish a joint task force to create proper disciplinary, governance and auditing mechanisms, as well as ensure that persons who are found culpable are punished in accordance with Ghanaian domestic laws and Fifa and Fifa Statutes.
  4. Fifa upon consultation with Government of Ghana and CAF shall establish a normalization committee to replace the executive committee of the Ghana Football Association.
  5. Fifa in consultation with Government of Ghana and CAF shall appoint persons with integrity and competence to constitute the membership of the normalization committee.
  6. Satisfied with the above measures, the Government of Ghana shall take steps to discontinue the process for the winding up of the Ghana Football Association.”



Source:Isaac Baiden/wisetvonline.com