Traders around prez Akufo-Addo’s Nima residence have moved

Traders and squatters around President Akufo-Addo’s Nima residence have finally moved out after a directive for them to vacate the premises expired Thursday, March 15.

The National Security is set to take over the land which is directly opposite the president’s House.

The traders who have expressed disappointment over the decision for them to leave say they feel betrayed by Akufo-Addo after he promised them that they will not be sacked after he won the 2016 elections.

Most of the traders have been compensated by the President but according to the them, the monies they received are meagre and not enough to help them start all over  again when they move out.

Auntie Sarah, one of the traders who spoke to stated “although we have been given monies to relocate, we are yet to find a place to start their businesses”

Despite the decision by most of the traders to comply with the directive to move out other traders have defied the order and have vowed to stay and continue with their trading activities.

Some of the traders who were initially not part of the eviction directive but are now being asked to vacate the premises have vowed to stay.

According to them, they were only asked to move their business elsewhere just last week and are yet to receive any form of compensation from the state.



Source:Naayirima Dery/